Top 10 Smartphone Companies In 2022

In the present era nothing is without technology. Whereas in today’s time smartphones are an essential need of every human being. That’s why we researched and listed the Top 10 Smartphone Companies in 2022. So just scroll through and check out these Smartphone Companies.

1. Samsung


As you all know, Samsung is an electronics company from South Korea. Samsung started manufacturing products from 1969. Samsung’s Galaxy series is in the best selling smartphone series.

Founder: Lee Byung-chul in 13 January 1969

CEO: Kim Ki Nam, Koh Dong-Jin and Kim Hyun Suk
Net Worth: $500Billion
Total Employee: 1,61,800+
Headquarter: Suwon-si, South Korea

2. Apple 


Apple makes the world’s most expensive smartphones. It is one of the world’s top smartphone companies in the IT sector. The quality of iPhones are unmatched by others: A reason for their success.

Founder: Steve Jobs 

CEO: Tim Cook
Net Worth: $3 trillion in January 2022
Total Employee: 4,48,000+
Headquarter: Cupertino, California

3. Xiaomi 


Xiaomi is a worldwide electronics company that delivers quality items at legitimate prices. It is the 2nd largest producer of smartphones on the planet after Samsung. It also distributes electronics, home appliances and household items.

Founder: Lei Jun

CEO: Lei Jun
Net Worth:
Total Employee:
Beijing, China

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4. Oppo

Oppo Company

Guangdong Oppo Mobile Tel. Corporation Limited, operating as Oppo. Oppo is a budget smartphone company and is famous among the people because of its camera.

Founder: Tony Chen

CEO: Tony Chen
Net Worth:
Total Employee:
Dongguan, China

5. Vivo

Vivo Company

Another unbeatable smartphone company is Vivo. People love it for music and cameras. Vivo Smartphone are more sexy in appearance.

Founder: Duan Yongping, Shen Wei

CEO: Shen Wei
Net Worth:
Total Employee:
Headquarter: Dongguan, China

6. Oneplus  

Oneplus Company

OnePlus is popular in the market due to its build quality and premium phone. It is one of the list of best selling smartphone brands in the world.

Founder: Carl Pei, Pete Lau

CEO: Pete Lau
Net Worth:
Total Employee: 2118+
Shenzhen, China

7. Huawei  


Huawei Technologies Company Ltd. The other most popular smartphone brand in the universe. It is popular among people due to its sexy look and slim size.

Founder: Ren Zhengfei

CEO: Ren Zhengfei
Net Worth:
Total Employee:
Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

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8. Sony

Sony Company

Sony is a Japanese manufacturer company of many electronics products. It’s products are made with the best quality.

Founder: Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka

CEO: Kenichiro Yoshida
Net Worth: $135 Billion
Total Employee: 32,000+
Headquarter: Minato City, Tokyo

9. Google

Google Inc.

An American multinational technology company: Google. Currently it comes with the fastest 5G in the world (Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro).

Founder: Larry Page, Sergey Brin

CEO: Sundar Pichai
Net Worth:
$1536 Billion 
Total Employee: 2,83,000+
California , U.S.

10. Lenovo

Lenovo Company

Another Chinese multinational technology company is Lenovo. It produced budget-friendly smartphones without compromising on quality.

Founder: Liu Chuanzhi

CEO: Yang Yuanqing
Net Worth:
Total Employee:
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Final Words

Hope you all are happy after taking a look at Top 10 Mobile Companies and we are sure that the list includes the phone of your dreams. So, just comment about your favourite mobile brand company and share our article with your friends and family:)


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