Top 10 Richest Indian People

Hey! Friends, do you want to know who are the wealthiest people in India by net worth? If yes, then follow the our list mentioned below. India has an approximately 1.38 Billion population as of now the second most populated country in the world. In The World, a country with a lot of talent, resources, and money India is an international business hub and money making market. India comes at the third spot on the billionaire’s list with 166 billionaires just behind only the United States and Mainland China. We are here to reveal the Top 10 Richest Indian People by net worth. We have compiled the richest Indian people on the basis of their wealth or net worth according to Forbes real time billionaires’ report of July 2022. Let’s run down the list. 

1. Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani, Richest Person of India as of July 2022, a core businessman, is inspired by the centre’s way of merging “good with development” through his vision of nation building. India demands growth therefore each group’s business is targeted toward world-class quality infrastructure Which brings India to the highest.

Net worth: $103.5B (2022)
Education: Gujarat University (dropped out)
Born: 24 June 1962 (age 60)
Occupation: Chairman & founding father of Adani’s Group

2. Mukesh Ambani 

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian industry icon, executive, principal, and largest investor of Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 organization and India’s most significant organization by market recognition. The 2nd Richest Person of India is Mukesh Ambani.

Net worth: $88.4B (2022)
Education: Institute of chemical technology (ICT)
Born: 19 April 1957 (age 65 years)  
Occupation: Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries LTD.

3. Shiv Nadar

Shiv Nadar

Shiv Nadar is an Indian industrialist, mogul, and philanthropist of HCL Technologies Limited, a worldwide IT governance organization. In 1967, he started his business as a specialist in Cooper Engineering (COEP) of Walchand Group in Pune. After a few years, he found employment elsewhere, adopting a business-based profession in the organization with Ajay Choudhary and various partners – under the Micro comp brand ‘Televista ‘.Later, together they founded HCL Tech in 1976 to manufacture chips and mini-computers.

Net worth: $23.6B (2022)
Education: PSG college of technology
Born: 14 July 1945 (age 76 years)
Occupation: Founder and chairman of HCL Technologies

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4. Cyrus Poonawalla 

Cyrus Poonawalla

Cyrus Poonawalla is the administrator of the Serum Institute of India, the world’s greatest antibody maker. The Pune, an India-based organization had an income of 72 billion rupees in the year finished March 31, 2021. The most important asset of Cyrus Poonawalla is the serum institute of India. Referred to as the healthcare industry.  

Net worth: $20.1B (2022)
Education: Brihan Maharashtra College of commerce 
Born:  11 may 1941 (age 80)  
Occupation: Managing director of Cyrus Poonawalla Group industries of India 

5. Radhakrishan Damani

Radhakishan Damani

The independent tycoon owns the country’s third-largest Uber retail location network, DMart. Radhakishan Damani considers original financial supporter Chandrakant Sampath as his coach. He says that he has adopted a technique to handle dangerous business conditions from Sampath. He began his career as a businessman, but a financial emergency at his home following the death of his father prompted him to be a financial supporter of a financial exchange.

Net worth: $17.6B   (2022)
Education: University of Mumbai (dropped out)
Born: 16 August 1954 (age 67 years)
Occupation: Founding Father of Dmart  & Investor 

6. Lakshmi Mittal 

Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal, fully known as Lakshmi Narayan Mittal, was an Indian business buddy who was the CEO (2006–21) of ArcelorMittal (largest steelmaking company worldwide). Mittal’s family moved to Calcutta (Kolkata) in the 1960s, where his father worked in a manufactory.

Net worth: $14.3B (2022)
Education: St. Xavier’s college HCL Technologies
Born: 15 June 1950 (age 72)
Occupation: Executive chairman & CEO of ArcelorMittal

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7. Dilip Shanghavi

Dilip Shanghavi

Dilip Shanghvi, 62, is the Managing Director of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. The organization gives superior grades and reasonable meds trusted by clients and patients in 150 nations across the world. An enormous piece of Dilip Shanghvi’s strategy was securing other more modest organizations along the route. The procurement of Ranbaxy in 2014 is one of the remarkable acquisitions.

Net worth: $13.9B (2022)
Education: University of Calcutta, The bhawanipur Education society College
Born: 1 October 1955 (age 66)  
Occupation: Founder & MD of Sun Pharma 

8. Uday Kotak

Uday Kotak

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. is presently viewed collectively as the foremost effective and high-performing banks in India, based on the standards of effortlessness and judiciousness. Uday Kotak has major areas of strength for local area improvement and comprehensive development. He believes that instruction is critical to aiding India’s oppressed. He laid out the Kotak Education Foundation to zero in the instructive necessities of oppressed kids.

Net worth: $13.5B  (2022)
Education: JBIM, University of Mumbai, Sydenham College of Commerce &  economics
Born: 15 March 1959 (age 63 years)
Occupation: Banker & Executive vice chairman & MD of Kotak Mahindra Bank

9. Savitri Jindal 

Savitri Jindal

Savitri Jindal, spouse of O.P. Jindal and presently the Chairperson of Jindal Group, is one of the influential ladies of India who showed the planet that notwithstanding being a housewife for such countless years, she has effectively able to administrate the organization after her better half’s death and taking it to a different level through and through. 

Net worth: $13.2B (2022)
Education: Diploma 
Born: 20 march 1950 (age 72)  
Occupation: Chairperson of O.P Jindal Group   

10. Kumar Mangalam Birla 

Kumar Mangalam Birla

Kumar Mangalam Birla works in 36 mainland countries. He’s a Chartered Accountant and took an MBA degree from London Business School. Mr. Birla is strongly connected with educational organizations. He’s the Chancellor of Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) located in Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad, and Dubai. Mr. Birla is the Chairman of the Governing Council of BITsom, another age-old vocational college located in Mumbai. He is also the President of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Net worth: $13.0B (2022)
Education: H.R College of Commerce & economics
Born: 14 June 1967 (age 55)  
Occupation: Chairman of Aditya Birla Group 

Final words

As you know billionaires always contribute a large amount in Indian GDP & a big part of Indian income tax payer also. Not only in the economy but society welfare programs are also run by them. So who is your favourite, suggest us a next article to write and comment your thoughts in the comment section.


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