Top 10 Hottest Indian Female Models in 2022

Regarding models, India is blessed with the hottest models in the world. True Indian beauty has been able to mesmerize the world with the help of its bold looks and amazing photoshoots. These models have achieved a lot in their life in one aspect or another. This article will be in the position to list out the most beautiful and deserving hottest Indian models that have built a personality for themselves in the industry over time. The list of the hottest Indian female models of 2022 has been given. 

1. Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan hottest Indian female

She is one of the biggest names in the Indian modeling industry and the most beautiful and hottest models of India. Gauahar Khan rose to fame after winning the famous reality show Big Boss. She is a hot Indian model who has won a lot of fashion shows over time. Gauahar Khan has appeared in various movies like Rocket Singh. 

She recently made a debut in the web series Tandav, released on Prime. She is a phenomenal model and a fantastic actress known for her skills. Gauahar Khan is beautiful and has emerged as the face of the best brands. She has great eyes which do all the talking. 

2. Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon hottest Indian female

She made her Bollywood debut in the famous movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Lisa Haydon is considered to be the most desirable and wanted woman. She has set the stage on fire with the help of fantastic ramp walks.  

Lisa has successfully achieved almost all the titles related to beauty and hotness. In the year of 2017, she was considered to be the most desirable bikini model in India. She is a successful model who has achieved a lot in her life as she is the sexiest model in India.

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3. Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra hottest Indian female

She has the hottest figures that any of the Indian models could have. Sherlyn Chopra is known for having achieved a lot of success in her career, which began as early as 2012, wherein she appeared in the capacity of a model and was also successful in winning a lot of beauty pageants. Sherlyn is in the 3rd place of the list of Hottest Indian Female.

She is the hottest model in India who has also been able to achieve heights when it comes to endorsing famous brands. Sherlyn Chopra enjoys tremendous brand value. Her success is attributed to the excessive dedication and hard work with which she works. 

4. Poulami Das

Poulami Das hottest Indian female

She is a bold and beautiful dark-skinned actress. Poulami Das is known for having kickstarted her career after winning the show of India’s next model. She emerged to be a successful winner of a lot of reality shows. She has also participated in beauty contests. Poulami Das is the most beautiful models in india.

She has very sharp features and a bikini-perfect body. Poulami Das is undoubtedly the Hottest Indian Female has. She is preparing herself for her Bollywood debut now. Going by the trend, she is also trying her best to enter Tollywood. It was said that she was offered a very high amount therein. 

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5. Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa hottest Indian female

She is known for being the most popular female model in India. Sonam Bajwa has a tremendous amount of glamor and talent in her. She has successfully won many beauty shows and Femina Indian awards. She has a classic figure as she undertakes a lot of workouts. Sonam Bajwa appears in various commercials and tries her luck in upcoming Bollywood movies. She participates in fashion shows and is a diva in herself. Her aura is unique in this respect. 

6. Neha Malik

Neha malik

She is the most adorable and hottest female model in India on this list. Neha Malik is also successful in winning a lot of fashion shows and modelling contests. People know her due to appearing in famous music albums in different industries. She has also participated in fashion shows and emerged as the winner of most of them. Neha Malik has also managed to become the face of many brands and commercials. She is a successful Indian model altogether. 

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7. Neelam Gill

Neelam Gill

She is an Indian model from Europe to make a career in the Indian industry and she is a young hottest Indian model. Neelam Gill is one of the most famous Indian models for her charming smile and hot personality. She has participated in fashion shows and different types of reality show on MTV. She also became the winner of India’s next supermodel. Neelam Gill has appeared in many commercials and agreed to function in Bollywood anytime soon.

8. Mugdha Godse

Mugdha Godse

She is a Sri Lankan beauty who emerged as the hottest model in India. Mugdha Godse won the most sizzling Indian beauty award in the Miss Femina contest. Mugdha is also responsible for developing a considerable fan base after participating in Hollywood through the movie Fashion. She tops the list of hottest Indian models.

Mugdha participates in fashion shows and undertakes to bring the maximum amount of glamour to the table. She is the only Indian model to have worked with international models for 5 years.

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9. Ujjwala Raut

Ujjwala Raut

She is also a sizzling Indian beauty who has managed to be on this list with the help of her bold and professional photoshoots. This sizzling Indian beauty has got to achieve a lot in her life. She has a fantastic figure and enjoys a considerable amount of fine solving on social media accounts. Ujjwala Raut has emerged as a successful model and an actress in Tollywood and Bollywood. She is ready to enhance her footprint in Bollywood as well. She is the most beautiful Indian celebrity

10. Erika Packard

Erika Packard

Erica Packard, a resident of Bandra, is the girl of former Bollywood villain Gavin Packard. Packard is the sexiest Indian female model who has been able to amaze the world with the help of a bold look. She was found in Bandra city by an organization (apparently without jaw structure and with constant legs) while shopping for vegetables with her mother and has prospered as a model since that time!. She is also in the list of super hot Indian model.


This is the list of the top Hottest Indian Female that have set the stage on fire by putting up tough competition against all the international models. They have been able to achieve a lot in their life over some time. It has been possible due to the constant support of the fans and the continuous hard work they have put in. All of these are the youngest Indian models.

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