Top 10 Shoe Brands for Men in India 2022

Nowadays, shoes are an essential component of any well-rounded wardrobe. Comfortable, well-made footwear is an investment in your self-esteem and overall attractiveness. Men, like women, care about their appearance and want to be noticed. They are also shoe fanatics. Specifically, they’re crazy about high-end footwear. 
Every man needs two pairs of shoes, one for dressier occasions and one for more active pursuits. Shoes complete any outfit and are thus a constant. The way you look can be drastically altered by the footwear you choose. To appear attractive, you must invest in shoes that complement and enhance your wardrobe. It would help if you located the optimal footwear. So, which are the best men’s shoe brands in India? Take a look at this list of best shoe brands for men in India.

1. Reebok


If you’re looking for a pair of shoes in India, go no further than Reebok. Everyone seems to have a pair of Reeboks lying around the house. It’s more affordable than competing brands. Everyone can afford it. Compared to competitors, Reebok has the lowest prices. In India, Reebok controls over 46% of the shoe market. 

When it comes to athletic shoes, Reebok is the gold standard. It may be worn in a variety of ways and is quite cozy. It is perfect for jogging and other forms of exercise due to its portability, adaptability, comfort, and low weight. Shoes for men, women, children and even pets can be found among Reebok’s vast selection.

2. Adidas


After Nike, Adidas is the largest manufacturer of athletic footwear and apparel which is also the best shoe brands in the world. Adidas was created in 1949 by German brothers Rudi and Adi Dazzlers. During WWII, they had an argument that ultimately led to the company’s demise. Rudy Dazzler established Puma. 

Adi Dazzlers founded a company called Adidas, an anagram of his first name to honor himself. When it comes to designing and developing groundbreaking technologies for athletic footwear, Adidas is unrivaled. Over 900,000,000 pairs of shoes and other sports equipment are currently produced annually by Adidas. 

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3. Nike


Regarding shoes, Nike is universally acknowledged as the gold standard. Nike has built its reputation on creating groundbreaking styles and producing durable gear. Nike first debuted in 1964 under the moniker Blue Ribbon Sports. Bill Bowerman established it. Despite being given Nike’s name in 1978 and disclosed publicly for two years, it remained mostly unknown to the general public. 

For a long time, Nike has been the only name in footwear that can compete with its quality. Many people recognize the Nike brand of athletic footwear. Nike originally produced athletic footwear. But now they have the most extensive collection of trendy footwear. Regarding customer service, Nike is among the best in the industry. When it comes to the best sports shoes brand in India, Nike is a household name.



PUMA is a reputable company that has made a name for itself in the shoe industry by producing high-quality athletic footwear. These shoes are long-lasting and pleasant to wear. PUMA is a well-known company that creates the highest quality sneakers.

When it comes to sneakers, PUMA has you covered with a wide selection that will go with just about anything in your closet. There are currently many different styles of shoes available from the company, and they have become the most famous shoe brands for men since then. 

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5. Woodland


Boots and shoes for men can be found in the Woodland brand. Woodland’s individualistic styles give everyone a one-of-a-kind appearance and sensation. You won’t find another shoemaker like this one. A man’s wardrobe would benefit significantly from adding a pair of woodland boots. 

Every man needs to own at least one pair of shoes. Because they are resilient and won’t easily break, forest shoes are an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts. There is a lot of help and encouragement from them during the journey. 

6. Bata


In India, most people wear Bata shoes by Bata. Bata’s original focus was on dress and academic footwear. However, today Bata offers more than 20,000 distinct models over a wide range of shoe types. Bata is the most established shoe company in India. 

It has a long and profitable history. They last a long time and are incredibly cozy. They’re cheap and may be found in many shoe stores. Bata is the largest shoe retailer in India and one of the best formal shoes brand in India

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7. Red Tape

Red Tape

The Red Tape label is widely recognized for its superior quality of leather footwear. Its footwear ranges from professional to informal, from dress shoes to slippers and sandals. They exclusively employ high-quality materials in their footwear. Red Tape is one of the Shoe Brands for Men.

The longevity of Red Tape footwear can be attributed to the high quality of the materials they use. Moreover, they come in a wide variety of fashionable silhouettes that are simple to put on. Shoes secured with red tape are risk-free and won’t harm your feet.



FILA makes the most popular brand of shoes in India. One of the most recognizable brands in the footwear industry, Fila is renowned for its innovative styles. After producing shoes for over a century, Fila has refined their craft to make more high-quality items. 

They have various slides, sneakers, and athletic shoes to choose from. Luxury brand Fila shoes have that look. If you want fashionable footwear without breaking the bank, Fila may be a good choice.

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9. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is a famous label known for making high-quality apparel and shoes. It is a worldwide company that produces dresses and informal footwear for men. 

Lee Cooper items can be found at any one of the many reliable online stores. In terms of adolescent options, this is the most proper. These shoes are of great value and come in various on-trend styles. 

10. Lancer


The most widely distributed shoe brand in India, Lancer, is known for its extensive collection of high-quality footwear at competitive costs. From sandals to sneakers to cozy slippers, Lancer has you covered. 

Lancer is confident enough in its wares to guarantee their quality. The quality and comfort of Lancer shoes have made them the most popular in India. They make shoes using high-quality materials that are lightweight, cushioned, long-lasting, robust, and easy to break.


Shoes are a form of personal expression but must also be functional and long-lasting. You should invest in quality best shoe brands for men to keep your feet safe for the long haul.

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